Recent Projects

Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives Towards Parent Training for ASD in the Michigan Medicaid Autism Benefit

Lab members involved: Diondra Straiton, KarĂ­s Casagrande, & Brooke Ingersoll, in partnership with Barb Groom and the Mid-State Health Network.

This large project evaluated billing data, provider perspectives, and caregiver perspectives on family training during Medicaid-funded Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in Michigan. The goal of this project was to better understand the current landscape of family training in Michigan, the supports and challenges providers experience when providing family training services, and the experiences and motivations for families eligible for these services.

Identifying and measuring the common elements of naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions: Development of the NDBI-Fi

Lab members involved: Kyle Frost & Brooke Ingersoll
Co-authors: Jessica Brian, Grace Gengoux, Antonio Hardan, Sarah Rieth & Aubyn Stahmer

This project systematically examined the intervention elements comprising Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBIs), and identified the common elements across different NDBI models. An observational rating scheme for measuring those common elements, the NDBI-Fi, was then developed and piloted.

Measuring social communication in the context of early intervention studies

Lab members involved: Kyle Frost, Kaylin Russell, Genna Koehn, and Brooke Ingersoll

Two projects looked at different ways of measuring child social communication using video observations of parent-child interactions. In the context of early intervention studies – our lab’s main focus – it is important to know whether children respond positively to treatment.

College students on the autism spectrum: Social experience, wellbeing, identity, and more

Lab members involved: Kathryn Bailey, Kyle Frost, Karis Casagrande, and Brooke Ingersoll

Three projects – part of one large mixed methods study – looked at the unique social experiences and identities of college students who have ASD.