Identifying and measuring the common elements of naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions: Development of the NDBI-Fi

Lab members involved: Kyle Frost & Brooke Ingersoll
Co-authors: Jessica Brian, Grace Gengoux, Antonio Hardan, Sarah Rieth & Aubyn Stahmer

Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBIs) for young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are a class of evidence-based early interventions which share key elements. This project systematically examined the intervention elements comprising NDBI, and identified the common elements. Next, we developed an observational rating scheme for measuring those common elements.

We identified 20 intervention elements across 7 NDBIs, and developed refined definitions of each with expert input.

Next, using ratings by a panel of intervention experts, we identified common elements of NDBIs. An observational rating scheme of those common elements, the 8-item NDBI-Fi, was subsequently developed. Evaluation of the 8-item NDBI-Fi measure revealed promising psychometric properties. With additional validation, this unique measure has the potential to advance intervention science in ASD by providing a tool which cuts across a class of evidence-based interventions.

Relevant citations:

Frost, K. M., Brian, J., Gengoux, G., Hardan, A., Rieth, S., Stahmer, A., & Ingersoll, B. (in press). Identifying and measuring common elements of naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorder. Autism. View Full Text Post-Print