Julia Nauman Wins Multiple Awards from the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR)!

Congratulations to Julia Nauman, the MSU Autism Lab’s Lab Manager, for receiving an Autistic Researcher Award from INSAR. Last year Julia won the Student and Trainee Award from INSAR and presented at INSAR’s 2021 virtual research conference.

You can view and download Julia’s 2022 Research Poster and Abstract entitled “Examining the Role of Attention Problems in Motor Stereotypy in Children with ASD” here.

During INSAR’s May 2021 virtual conference, Julia gave a presentation entitled “Examining the Relationship between Stereotypy and Attentional Problems and Diagnoses in Individuals with ASD”.

If you are an INSAR member, you can check out Julia’s abstract, as well as the other abstracts from the INSAR 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting here: https://www.autism-insar.org/general/custom.asp?page=2021AnnMtg